Dr. Hongbo Suo was elected the Taishan Leading Industrial Ta

2018-10-19 01:19:39 admin
Recently, the general office of the Shandong Provincial People's government officially announced the list of Taishan Leading Industrial Talent, and 25 people were elected in Qingdao. Among them, Dr. Hongbo Suo of Qingdao JointX Intelligent Manufacturing Ltd. is the only entrepreneur in the High-tech Zone to be successfully selected as the Taishan Leading Industrial Talent (Domestic Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Class).
It is understood that the Taishan Scholar and Taishan Leading Industrial Talent project is a major talent project implemented by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. Taishan Scholars focus on the positioning of "scholars", and the emphasis is on the introduction of innovative scientific and technological talents in colleges, research institutes and medical institutions to develop basic research, original innovation and common technology research.

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