Mr. Zuoan Wang visited JointX

2018-05-28 04:03:00 admin
On May 25th, Zuoan Wang, Secretary of the Qingdao High-tech Industrial Committee, visited JointX. The Secretary and his group visited the production site,  to understand the technical status and development goals of JointX. Dr. Hongbo Suo, CTO of JointX, reported to the Secretary about the company's operation and future development plans.

Mr. Wang has affirmed our achievements in accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, constantly seeking technological breakthroughs, and actively exploring the market and promoting the development of industrialization. I hope our company will continue to promote independent innovation, overcome difficulties, inject more technological innovation into products, and further strive to occupy the market and lead the market.

      The picture shows Dr. Suo's introduction to Mr. Wang about the company.

Dr. Suo introduces JointX X15 equipment to Mr. Wang.

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