X5 - Metal 3D Printing Equipment

More Compact


Production Range: 500 x 500 x 500 mm

Working Gas: Ar, N2

Air Pressure: 1000 ±10 mbar

Power Supply: CMT

Wire Diameter: 0.8~1.6 mm

Max Feeding Speed: 20 m/min

Applicable Materials: Titanium alloy, Aluminium alloy, Stainless steel, Copper alloy, Low alloy steel, etc.


- Cold metal transfer (CMT) power supply, low heat input

- 3-axle linkage machine (supports to extension to 5-axle linkage)

- Integral structure (patented)

- Temperature controlling workbench (optional, patented)

- Multi layer air cooling cabin (patented)

- Temperature, pressure, oxygen ambiance controlling system

- Weld pool online monitoring system (optional)

- Infrared imaging system (optional)

- Working area video monitoring system

- JointX data processing software (optional, self-owned dedicated software), supports flat  surface layering, sectional path programming and process database