Qingdao JointX Intelligent Manufacturing Limited (JointX), founded in Sept.  2015, is located in the National High-Tech Development Zone of Qingdao. It is a scientific and technological enterprise which focuses on the development and promotion of metal  additive  manufacturing (3D printing) technology. The main products and services of the company are WAAM (Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing) equipment, special wire materials  and product processing services.
The technology of Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) is the technology of rapid manufacturing of metal parts with arc as the heat source. It is mainly applied to the rapid and low-cost manufacturing of high value, large and complex metal structures in aviation and aerospace fields. Compared with electron beam, laser and other similar direct deposition technology, WAAM has the advantages of less equipment investment and low running cost. It is easy to achieve standardization and scale production.
The equipment to meet the needs of industrial applications is not only an ‘automatic welding machine’, but a technical system which is highly integrated with materials, equipment, technology and software. The wire and arc additive manufacturing equipment made by JointX integrated advanced Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) technology, plasma arc heat source, multi degree of freedom five-axis linkage machine tool, robot, automatic / continuous wire feeding device, temperature control worktable, multi-layer air cooling cabin, environment control, online closed loop monitoring technology and so on. The JointX data processing software specially developed for the direct deposition technology generates the 3D model of the parts, and the process data package can be shared freely and updated in time. In deep cooperation with the Metal Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company has jointly developed a series of titanium alloy wire for WAAM to meet the high quality requirements of aeronautic and astronautic structures. JointX has already applied for more than ten invention patents around metal additive manufacturing.
JointX is committed to working together with friends from all over the world to promote the industrial application of metal additive manufacturing technology. The value of our existence is to create value for users. We hope to bring customers not only high-quality products and services, but also the craftsmanship seeking for excellence.